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Who we are

Wall Candy is a family company based out of the sunny southwest. We love design- paintings, DIY, graphic design, we love it all! We think living in a home that is beautifully designed should be available to all, regardless of budgets. We believe that happiness starts in the home and moves out from there! Imagine how happy you will be with a beautiful, easy, and affordable wall treatment! We are making the world a better place one mural at a time!

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Are you crazy about design but cautious about the expense? Do you have commitment issues with your walls and like to change it up? We will keep your home looking fresh and on trend every time with a fraction of the cost of a DIY or traditional wallpaper! Wall Candy has what you are looking for in easy to apply wall murals. At Wall Candy, we know you aren’t just choosing a wall treatment, you are changing the whole room! Whether you are going for boho chic, farmhouse, eclectic, or glam, we have a wall mural for you! Looking to do a statement wall in an otherwise minimal space? We’ve got what you need for a jaw-dropping focal point that friends will drool over! Want a relaxing and feminine space that still looks classy? Try one of our custom floral wallpapers! Does your boring apartment have restrictions set by the landlord? You can still put up Wall Candy and easily remove it before leaving without damage to the wall! Landlord approved! Struggling over how to fill the empty wall in a nursery? Our designs take the guesswork out of decorating! Choose one of hundreds of murals to turn your ho-hum room into amazing! Our designs are sorted into categories to make finding what you want a snap!


Cutting-edge design

fraction of the price and time!

If you are crazy about home design like we are, you will have experienced how expensive wallpaper and time-consuming DIY’s are. With Wall Candy, you can change up a room with the click of a mouse. Wall Candy provides quality and cool designs that anyone can do. Transform your space with a wall mural! Personalize a room with easy to apply wallpaper! We know you take pride in choosing your furniture, why not give some love to the walls? Wall Candy gives you the look without the headache. With hundreds of images to choose from, the hardest thing will be choosing just one!

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