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Quality and Satisfaction

At Wall Candy, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction! We want you to have a great experience and use our products over and over! We want you to be a customer for life!   Rest assured, we guarantee that we provide quality printing on quality materials to give you what you want! After all, the home is a reflection of you so we want our product to be incredible! Each wallpaper is shipped to your specifications and includes easy to use instructions for how to put that baby up! Whether you are a corporate designer, interior designer, or a stay at home mom and diyer, Wall Candy is for you!

  • Gloss
    $6 Per Sq. Ft.
    • Great Repositionability without Compromising Ultimate Bond
    • Clean Removal
  • Canvas
    $7 Per Sq. Ft.
    • Durability up to 7 years
    • The Hard-To-Stick Surface Solution
    • Multi-Purpose High Tack Adhesive

Removable & Reusable

Arlon DPF 207

DPF 207 is a light weight polycoated matte white fabric with a unique woven texture. The clear, removable pressure-sensitive adhesive is designed to bond well to substrates such as smooth painted non-vinyl walls. DPF 207 has a lay-flat liner that is optimal for printing on a variety of print systems. This is the ideal film for wall decorations that require ease of application as well as removability.

Recommended Applications

  • Indoor Hanging Graphics
  • Wall Graphics (Interior)
  • Home Décor

Unique Features

  • Unique Woven Textured Film
  • Great Repositionability without Compromising Ultimate Bond
  • Layflat Liner for Great Print Quality Easy, Clean Removal

Traditional Wallpaper

Arlon DPF 8200 Ultra Tack

Conquering the toughest applications, DPF 8200™ Ultra Tack is the solution for surfaces that are hard-to-stick to. DPF 8200™ Ultra Tack offers secure adhesion strength to low energy surfaces and textured substrates, like brick and concrete.

With DPF 8200™ Ultra Tack the sky is the limit – wrap building and stadiums, plastic dirt bikes and wall murals. If there’s one film that will tackle all of your difficult projects, it’s DPF 8000™ Ultra Tack.

Recommended Applications

  • Building Wraps
  • Wall Graphics (Interior, Exterior)
  • ABS Plastic Graphics

Unique Features

  • Durability up to 7 years (unprinted)
  • The Hard-To-Stick Surface Solution
  • Multi-Purpose High Tack Adhesive

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